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Apr 03, 2018  
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But in 2017, State Supreme Court Justice Timothy J. Walker decided LPCiminelli fulfilled its obligations to renovate dozens of schools and dismissed several aspects of the lawsuit, including this breach-of-contract claim that went before the appellate court. Last month, LPCiminelli won another big victory when State Supreme Court Judge Deborah A. Chimes found no evidence the company hid information from the district or failed to properly rehabilitate the schools. The judge directed the city school district to pay LPCiminelli nearly $3.2 million – plus interest – that the district owes to the company. Now, it’s not entirely clear how the Feb. 15 ruling by Chimes might be affected by the appellate ruling a month later on March 16, Horn said. “The parties are reviewing with their attorneys what the Fourth Department did and the effect – if any – on Justice Chimes’ recent decision,” Horn said. “We’ll be meeting with the courts in the next couple weeks.” Zuffranieri, the attorney for LPCiminelli, said the appellate ruling doesn’t change anything.

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